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The first day I walked into Sara’s office, I was a lost twenty-something who had never been to a therapy

session before. I knew little of what to expect. By the end of that first hour, I knew I had started something

truly worthwhile. Since then, Sara has lead me to find my own authenticity, learn to be vulnerable and live

my truth. She is wise and incredibly compassionate. She listens without judgment, but still has a lovely way

offering fair, perceptive insight with gentle honesty. This, her expertise and genuine care for others really

sets her apart. Her work with Internal Family Systems is magic. She has taught me to locate my lost parts

within, identify the burdens carried by those parts, release those burdens, and gently bring those parts back

to connect with my core, my true self. I am lighter and brighter than I was before I started working with

Sara. I am more able to tackle life’s obstacles and am the most complete version of myself I have ever

known. If one’s twenties are about experimentation, discovery and adventure, the adventure of discovering

myself with Sara has been the best of all. There are few people who are as good at what they do as Sara

Wright is. The work she does is exceptional.

L.W. _______________

When change occurs in life,

it often comes with turmoil,

anxiety and not a little fear.

Through the years Sara Wright

has been my true north. She is

compassionate, wise, and

possesses that which I consider

essential in a therapist: a great

sense of humor.

I have absolute trust in Sara,

and I am very grateful for her

guidance. She has never failed

to help me to see that I have

choices, that I don't have to be

paralyzed by self-imposed

terror. She is the voice of

encouragement and reason.



I consider it an honor and a privilege to speak about the life changing work I have done with Sara Wright.

Sara’s unique style and multi-faceted approach has helped me to identify what lies at the core of my

struggles and the obstacles that get in my way. She has guided and supported me through the process of

healing and caring for the “whole person” (emotional, social, spiritual, cognitive, and physical). Sara has a

special ability to “tell it like it is” with kindness and compassion and has seamlessly integrated her care

with that of other care professionals. She continually teaches me and provides me with skills and

techniques that allow me to identify, work through, and overcome those things that can cause me difficulty

along life’s pathway. I will forever be filled with gratitude for all that Sara has done (and continues to do)

with me!



I am a Chinese girl living in Shanghai... A very good friend of mine recommended Sara to me firstly when I suffered from work-related anxiety. I have been doing skype therapy sessions with Sara amid a series of emotional breakdown, turmoil and collapse of my life. Equipped with professional knowledge and skills in IFS system, Sara has also proved to be highly experienced, wise, perceptive and compassionate.... The more work I do, the more I realized the true power stays within myself.

I am genuinely grateful to have Sara in

company in such life-long  journey! 




I am a 33 year old single gay man that has tried

for many years to combat issues with depression

and anxiety. When I was referred to

Sara Wright, I did some research on Ms. Wright

and her approach… Sara quickly and directly helps

you get to the root of the issues that hinder your

growth and happiness. She is gentle and knows precisely when and what information you can accept in your therapeutic process…

While Sara is compassionate, likable, and very easy to get along with, she is a woman of her craftan expert.

The work and assistance in finding peace in a stormy mind is well received from a specialist and caring soul.

Sara Wright is a special, caring, compassionate, direct, talented professional. She comes with my highest

authentic recommendation. Just be prepared for a new, happier, fruitful life.



Walking into the elevator for my first meeting with Sara, I was a shrinking violet with trembling hands that

gave away the anxiety I felt. Hidden behind averted eyes I felt stuck in my fear and guilt, lost in my

relationships and career, and unsure about what I was even doing here. Walking out of the elevator after my

most recent session, with bright eyes and standing strong, I’ve now found peace with those fears. I am

happy and proud of the life I’ve made. Sara’s commitment, patience and guidance, is how I grew into the

strong (and a little fierce) person I wasn’t sure I could become.


Sara's approach, which melds empathy and unyielding honesty, supports a deep introspection and self understanding that have brought me true healing for the first time in decades of therapy.

Finding Terrence Real's books and Sara's in-person support has shown me not only that I can have the life of true connection that I have long sought, but how I can get there - how I, as a man, can heal myself, even in those darkest, most painful depths. If you're done talking around what bothers you - if you're truly ready to start working through the obstacles in your life - then

call her up. You will work your heart, mind, and soul harder than ever before, but with her help, you will find them very fertile ground.



Sara Wright is an extraordinary woman and a truly caring professional. I have worked with Sara over the

years through significant life changes. She has walked with me through times in my life where great pain

brought maturity and wisdom. She didn't merely tell me what me what to do, she showed me a different

way to think, to feel, to be - constantly reminding me that I am and always will be a child of God full of

dignity and grace. Sara has helped

me become the woman I am

today. I am grateful and blessed.

This is more than her profession,

it is her true calling.




I have no idea what year I first

came to meet Sara. But I do

remember how scared,

embarrassed, ashamed and selfconscious

I was to be going to  therapy…

As the weeks passed after my first appointment I no longer felt dread as I walked up those four

flights of stairs…I believe the time and money that I have spent seeing Sara are the best investment I have

ever made and I expect will be the best investment during my lifetime… She is incredible at what she does.

She changed her approach as I progressed. She continues to learn and try new techniques. She creates a

comfortable environment that cultivates my independence, confidence and individuality. She is fabulous

and I feel she has helped me be better at who I am and what I do.

L. P._________________________


A career-threatening drama lead me to Sara’s care.

Prior to my appointment with her, I’d never explored

the benefits of counseling as I did not have any

previous experience or faith in the profession. My

personal history and indoctrination through Medical

and Flight School encouraged this attitude complete

with a “show no weakness” persona. Yet, I’d come to

a point in my life where I needed help. Gratefully,

Sara was recommended to me by a trusted friend and

colleague, and I was surprised by my experience.

Because of the urgent nature of my situation, Sara was

very directive and specific that I needed to make a

decision and take action in order to protect and

eventually thrive in my life. She told me I was

“standing in front of a moving train” and that a plan

must be devised and implemented immediately. Since

that time about 6 years ago, I have continued to work

with Sara. I am happy to report that I did NOT get hit

by the metaphorical train, and now have a new and

improved perspective on what it means to be “strong” or “healthy”. I now know what true healing is. It

comes when one is willing to be honest, open, vulnerable, disciplined, and loving. The masks come

down, and the emotional/intuitive system may then serve as a guide throughout one’s life. Sara has

proved to be a consistent, loving, patient, informative, centered, and clear guide throughout this process. I’ve found her to have the intellectual and spiritual capacity that can provide powerful support on the healing path.

L. K. _________________________

Sara has been an amazing guide and partner during a particularly tumultuous period of my life.  When I first met Sara I felt an instant connection and sense of comfort being in her company.  She always meets me where I am and helps me to make sense

of my emotions. It never feels like she has her own agenda. 

She has helped me reconnect with my

feelings, in a healthy and productive way.

Her approach is to listen and synthesize what I'm saying

in a way that I can understand.

Sara helps me get to the root of my feelings and see the

connection between different elements of my personality. 

She is always respectful and takes the time to check in with

me about how her comments make me feel; if they

resonate with me.  

She has provided me with many tools and strategies for

increasing my awareness of self and others, while striving

to find balance in my life. Sara continues to be an ally

for me as I navigate my many transitions and the

new territory in my life.

C. B. ____________________________



I have worked with numerous therapists in many cities over several decades ---and Sara Wright is by far one of the best.  Sara's arsenal of skills is unique in my experience, including IFS and EFT. She uses these tools seamlessly, flexibly, and with amazing quickness and effectiveness.  Sara's practice is guided by intuition and generosity.  The sky's the limit when you work with her--she is ready for any healing you are ready to do.  

A.F. _______________________________


"Sara has led me back to my true self. She holds a safe, supportive space for healing to emerge from trauma, and she does it with the perfect combination of compassion, knowledge and intuition. Sara has gently helped me uncover old patterns of fear and shame that have been holding me back in ways I never even realized. As a result, I feel a renewed sense of hope and possibility as she helps me move past these old limiting beliefs and into the peace and strength that I now realize have been with me all along."



"Sara has been my therapist for several years, on and off.  She has been tremendously helpful to me as I have worked through some difficult issues and emotions.  Sara is very experienced, compassionate, and warm.  I always felt like she really cared about me, and remembered things I had talked about months or even years before.  She has many therapeutic tools, also, so that if one approach didn't work for me, she always had another to try.  At this point, I mostly see her when I need a tune-up.  I still use many of the tools she taught me in my day to day life and they help and support me to this day.   I recommend her highly!"

C.A. ____________________________

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