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Who comes to see me...

I work with individuals from late teens to end of life, and with some couples. Over my decades of experience I have developed a particular expertise in helping people with anxiety, depression, twelve-step work, codependence issues, inner child work, self discovery and rediscovery. 


A lot of people come in for help with these concerns, and some come in because… 

*You are in your 20s and struggling with yourself. You may be aware of that somethings inside you are holding you back, and it’s hard to sort it all out. You ask, how do I go forward with my life? How do I find my place in work, and how do I connect? Do I want to parent? What relationship do I want to have with my family of origin as I find and live my individuality? My job is to help you go inside so that you can find what is deeply true for you, your authentic ways.


*You’re in your 30s. Again, you may be feeling that something is holding you back. You may wonder, how do I hold onto my marriage, or do I let it go? Why is it so hard for me to partner? Why do I struggle while other people seem to live so easily? How do I cope with all of my responsibilities – work and intimacy and kids and self-care – and do it with grace? Your challenge is to find your authentic way, and mine is to help you. 

*You are in your 40s and you have a daily routine. But some of the structures you have created in your life don’t fit anymore, or there may have been a traumatic disruption to what you thought you had in place. You ask, am I on the right track for my life? I am here to help you listen to yourself to find your path.


*You are in your 50s or 60s. You may have fulfilled many of your life goals, or maybe you have not, but either way the past is the past and you wonder, what’s next? Is this all there is? Again, my job is to help you with your work of finding your own path.


*You are in your 70s or beyond. Your body, your friends, your sense of place in life is changing. You can see that your journey has a horizon and it may not be far from the present. Maybe it’s time to gather a sense of meaning about this vast adventure. My job is to help you reflect and come to peace with your story. 

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