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Just when the caterpillar thought it was over, it turned into a butterfly.

People usually come to me in the midst of a breakdown, when the old systems of life and response are no longer working, when the symptoms of anxiety or depression become too much to bear. There is grief, sadness, anger and at times profound emotional turmoil. Any number of circumstances can shake the structures of our lives and lead to the reemergence of questions like: Who am I? Am I good enough? Do I have enough? Where do I belong? We begin to feel like strangers in a strange land with imperatives like: Don’t let anyone see! No one must know! Substance abuse and addictive behaviors often follow leading to increased shame, depression and desperation. Suddenly we are foundering in the seas of life without a star to steer by.


Are you wanting to rediscover yourself? Find yourself for the first time? Unravel the hurts of the past so you can move forward into a better future?

Call me. I can help. 

Sara Wright Psychotherapist

183 Park Row #2B, Brunswick, Maine 04011

THERAPY with me

Therapy with me is, I hope, is a wonderful adventure of self discovery. I am well-trained in numerous approaches which helps me collaborate with you to find what works best for your mind/body/spirit system. I love learning and growing in this field - it is my passion! - and I may introduce a variety of approaches during our work together. 

I have been in private practice since 1998 and my work has been informed by many therapeutic approaches, teachers, and spiritual disciplines. I have received extensive training from Pia Mellody in inner child work and in overcoming codependency. I have specialty understanding of addictions and enjoy working in conjunction with 12 step programs. I was certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, often called “tapping”) and also in couples therapy by Terry Real.


This unusual combination of mind/body/spirit approaches allows me to draw freely from all my tools according to what is most helpful to you. Since 2013 I have been most inspired by the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach because it is profoundly effective and respectful. I completed the certification process as an IFS therapist in June, 2020. (Please check out the videos by Dick Schwartz in the “video” section of this website to see a great intro to this approach.) 

IFS is a revolutionary approach to therapy that works with your natural healing processes, supporting you in becoming all that you were meant to be. An IFS therapist helps you to release the “burdens” that have arisen from your life experience, including limiting beliefs about yourself and your life that block your natural vibrancy and creativity. I am not the “expert” in your system - you are. I serve as a guide to your inner territory, one who is familiar with the inner journey and one who can serve as a "midwife" to your natural processes. You need my help only until your Self emerges to become the true leader in your inner system.


It bears stating that this is often not an easy journey. “There be dragons there!” - at least parts that appear like them. But as we get to know even the scary ones we find out that they are merely “parts” of your inner system that have been caught in extreme roles. As we help them shed these burdens they naturally emerge as helpful players in your inner system. Gradually, your true nature begins to shine forth and joy and spontaneity emerge.


Your inner system becomes more harmonious and your outer life does also. Relationships improve as you learn to speak for rather than from parts, and your life choices become more reflective of your true nature. You self-esteem grows and you come to move with more courage, confidence, ease and grace no matter what life brings you.  

During Covid 19 I have discovered that Telehealth is comfortable and effective for my clients as well as myself. It also allows me to offer services to clients around the world. Individual and couples sessions are provided using Telehealth platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime or phone. 


Over decades of experience it has been my privilege to midwife vulnerable souls into new structures of being that are stronger and more relevant to their evolving lives.

I work with people who are young or at the end of their life, men and women, gay, straight and transgender people and I welcome all races, ethnic cities, and religious orientations. My goal is to help you rediscover and renew your self... Or perhaps to discover yourself for the first time.



I was drawn to Sara instinctually and my time with her has been an incredible unfolding journey of mind, heart and soul.  With her guidance, humor and stillness I have come home to myself.  Sara’s work is compassionate and wise.  It is the perfect balance of support and accountability. I cannot recommend Sara highly enough for anyone ready to do the work to show up for themselves. S.C.................

Sara has been an amazing guide and partner during a particularly tumultuous period of my life.  She has provided me with many tools and strategies for

increasing my awareness of self and others, while striving to find balance in my life. Sara continues to be an ally

for me as I navigate my many transitions and the new territory in my life.


This is more than her profession, it is her true calling. B.U..............

After our last session, I celebrated. There is hope. G.M………. 



Do you accept insurance?

I am a provider with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Community Health Partners, CIGNA and

Tri Care. Depending on your policy I may be able to except reimbursement from other companies.


What are your fees?

My regular fee is $150/hour. However, I have a sliding scale that goes from $150-$115.

Note: Co-payments or deductible are expected each session by cash or check.


Where is your office?

183 Park Row 2B, Brunswick, Maine. 


Contact me

The best way to reach me is through a confidential phone call. Please leave a message at 771–0288.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also send me an email,

I look forward to working with you.

Sara Wright Psychotherapist, Brunswick, Maine. 

Sara Wright
Maine Psychotherapist


Sara Wright, Psychotherapist

183 Park Row #2B

Brunswick, Me.




Due to the nature of my practice I always prefer a phone call. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able. You can also email me,

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