Just when the caterpillar thought it was over,

it turned into a butterfly.

People usually come to me in the midst of a breakdown, when the old systems of life and of response are no longer working - or when the symptoms of anxiety or depression become too much to bear. There is grief, sadness, anger and at times profound emotional turmoil at the loss of what is known and familiar.  Any number of circumstances can shake the structures of our lives and lead to the reemergence of fundamental questions: Who am I? What really matters? Where do I belong? With whom do I belong? Suddenly we are foundering in the seas of life without a star to steer by. Are you wanting to rediscover yourself? Or find yourself for the first

time or unravel the past so you can move forward into a better future? 

Call me. I can help. 

Sara Wright Psychotherapist

183 Park Row #2B, Brunswick, Maine 04011

THERAPY with me


It is my privilege to provide treatment to individuals from late teens to end-of-life. Occasionally I also work with couples.

I am using the tools of Emotional Freedom Technique (otherwise known as EFT or “tapping”), Internal Family Systems, (IFS), specialty understanding of codependency and addictions (provided in conjunction with 12 step recovery programs) and Cognitive Behavioral therapy where indicated. 

This unusual combination of mind/body/spirit approaches allows me too collaborate with you in finding what works best for your system. I love learning and growing in this field – it is my passion! – so what I have to offer you is likely to continue to expand. 

Over decades I have developed a particular expertise in helping people with anxiety, depression, twelve-step work, codependency issues, transitions, inner child work, self discovery and rediscovery. A lot of people come to me for help with these concerns, and some come in because…



Over decades of experience it has been my privilege to midwife vulnerable souls into new structures of being that are stronger and more relevant to their evolving lives.

I work with people who are young or at the end of their life, men and women, gay, straight and transgender people and I welcome all races, ethnic cities, and religious orientations. My goal is to help you rediscover and renew your self... Or perhaps to discover yourself for the first time.



I was drawn to Sara instinctually and my time with her has been an incredible unfolding journey of mind, heart and soul.  With her guidance, humor and stillness I have come home to myself.  Sara’s work is compassionate and wise.  It is the perfect balance of support and accountability. I cannot recommend Sara highly enough for anyone ready to do the work to show up for themselves. S.C.................

Sara has been an amazing guide and partner during a particularly tumultuous period of my life.  She has provided me with many tools and strategies for

increasing my awareness of self and others, while striving to find balance in my life. Sara continues to be an ally

for me as I navigate my many transitions and the new territory in my life.


 This is more than her profession, it is her true calling.



Sara Wright
Maine Psychotherapist

Sara Wright, Psychotherapist

183 Park Row #2B

Brunswick, Me.




Due to the nature of my practice I always prefer a phone call. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able. You can also email me,


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Sara Wright, Maine Psychotherapist

183 Park Row #2B,

Brunswick, Maine 04011


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